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Award-Winning Literary Portal Goes on Sale!

Age of site: Founded in 1999 with the name/brand LitLinks. Switched to domain name in 2000.

Site design: It took two professional designer several months to create and perfect the current look of the site. The directory has gone through several revamps over the years to keep it up-to-date and enhance its appearance.

Just to come up with the ideal logo took us several weeks. We had several graphic designers coming forward with different ideas and creating sample logos (all logos will be given to purchaser of

Traffic statistics: 32 million visitors since 1999. Now approx. 60,000 unique visitors per annum.

Site demographics: Most people who visit are university graduates and aged 35+. They are financially solvent and spend far more money online than younger surfers. From a survey we did a few months back, the audience is mainly highly-educated, middle-aged people from Western countries. They are affluent and amongst the highest online spenders.

Source of traffic: We have spent hundreds of hours acquiring permanent links to from numerous large, medium and small web directories (Arts/Literature is often the top category in most directories). Those links to will there for a long time: even five years down the line they will be sending traffic to

Enjoys valuable aged inbound links from Wikipedia, academic websites and review portals.

Even if you were never to spend a penny more on promoting the site, it would continue to pull in at least 4,000 uniques a month for years to come. Unlike other websites, we have invested a huge amount of time and money into to ensure its long term profitability.

There are thousands of references to in search engines. See how many sites mention and link to in Google and Bing. Due to the enormous number of backlinks to it ranks number 1 - 5 in Google, Bing etc. for popular search terms like "english literature directory". It takes a phenomenal amount of time and money to get so much exposure for a site!

Asking price: We are selling the site, which includes the domain name, social media accounts, content, logos, professionally-designed banners adverts and thousands of links to it from all over the web, for a mere US $3,495. Special offer for : get 20% off our asking price!

Specific source of revenue: Google Adsense and affiliate program links.

Copyright status of site content: Copyright of text and images will pass to purchaser of the business.

Any other pertinent data: has been around in different incarnations for over 20 years! It is the product of thousands of hours of work, mainly spent on promoting the URL. A lot of effort has gone into automating sections of the portal and future-proofing the coding, so the site will require minimum maintenance.

Further information: If you may be interested in buying this award-winning directory please email , Skype AzamMkt or ring our office on +44 (0) 20 33 55 4334 anytime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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