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Selected Sites for this Month

This site is well worth a visit

This month is birthday of Robert Frost, one of America's leading 20th century poets Friends of Robert Frost - one of America's greatest 20th century poets was born on 26 March, 1874. The Friends of Robert Frost have established a museum minutes away from Frost's gravesite in Bennington, Vermont. Learn more about it and the places and poetry of Robert Frost at this charming site. There are photographs, discussions, a reading list, critical essays, memoirs, and interviews. Check out the tutorial for students with questions.

\"The Man Booker Prize - visit the tastefully-designed though rather sparse official site of the world's best known literary award after the Nobel Prize. The best section is the one which delves into previous winners: take a trip down memory lane and challenge yourself to remember the winners of yesteryear. Well worth a visit

Subscribe to's Literary Journal of the Year for the last four years! London Review of Books - Each fortnight Europe's most read literary magazine publishes a collection of essays by leading writers on literature, politics, history, philosophy and the arts. Visit to subscribe to's Literary Journal of the Year for the last four years at over 57% off the cover price.

Mediolana - if you're a student or academic, or simply wish to improve your ability to absorb information, you'll find this resource invaluable. Mediolana produces educational products and on their website they provide golden advice on improving your study and memory skills. Well worth a visit

Ancient Mirrors - one of the most beautiful author websites we have ever come across, with breathtaking artwork. Promotes the work of fantasy author Jayel Gibson who resides on the southern Oregon coast with her husband. Ancient Mirrors: Into Abaddon’s Abyss is her magical debut novel and just been released in the UK and Canada. The sequel is due in August. Don't forget to check out the author's blog, Jayel's Journal. Well worth a visit

Interesting portal for readers and writers. Stylish, ad-free resource paid for by British taxpayers Contemporary Writers Database - searchable website of over 700 of the Commonwealth's most important living authors. The constantly-updated database contains profiles of hundreds of literary lives and careers, including critical reviews, photographs and biographies. Search by any number of criteria: by genre, author name, publication data, book title or even gender. This high-quality resource from the British Council has no annoying advertising.

Dedicated to Alija Izetbegovic, the respected author and leader of Bosnia who passed away in October, 2003 Alija Izetbegovic - a tribute to the Bosnian President and respected author who passed away in October, 2003. He helped his people through the holocaust committed against them in the 1990s. Includes an exclusive extract from his magnum opus Islam Between East and West.

East of the Web - great name for site which is "dedicated to furthering participation in the arts"; our link takes you straight to their short story section. Readers are encouraged to share their opinions and it's wonderful to gain a new insight into what you've read based on what somebody's said. Crystal clear no-nonsense design puts the majority of literature sites to shame.

January Magazine - intelligent interviews with today's authors. You could lose yourself in the glorious archives section for hours which now houses over 200 interviews with most of the world's best known writers. This must-visit portal also provides reviews (read the recent one of Isabel Allende's Zorro), articles and excerpts from recently-published books. ranks among the Web's best services. If you like your reading material in digital format, subscribe ASAPDownload audiobooks for free for a limited period. Click here to visit Audible - Hörbücher und Audiomagazine zum DownloadAudible - fans of audiobooks can get your fix in digital format. and its British and German equivalents let you download more than 50,000 hours of spoken-word programs, including fiction, lectures, radio shows, and newspapers, to a PC, tablet, smartphone or MP3 player. The selection is outstanding, the cost far less than that of purchasing old-fashioned books on tape, and Audible has added support for CD burning. Forget books on tape and try this digital library pronto for free this . Click on British or German flags for or .de. (CJ) - ranks among the Web's best services. If you like your reading material in digital format, subscribe ASAP (CJ) - Hörbücher und Audiomagazine zum UK download audiobooks

Major Literary Awards - has comprehensive information about current and past winners of US and international literary prizesMajor Literary Awards - has comprehensive information about current and past winners of UK and international literary prizesWinners of major German and English literary prizes - click on flag to visit the 'literaturpreise' section at Major Literary Awards - Amazon provides a smogasboard of information about current and past winners of literary prizes, ranging from the Nobel, Booker and Pulitzer to the Bram Stoker and Arthur C Clarke Awards. Click on the relevant flag to visit the respective literary awards sections at, and .de. Literary Awards Link Literary Awards Link Literary Awards Link

Muslim Bookstore - colourful new site with English-language titles on Islam and the Muslim world. Features lots of exclusive excerpts, book reviews and author interviews. Selected because they have sale with up to 70% off books. Well-designed and highly recommended.

StoryMania - the definitive site for writers and readers. Covers short stories, poetry, plays, novels, screenplays, songs, essays and more. Highly recommended, not least because it doesn't have any adverts!

Huge sale on at Blackwell bookshop this month! Blackwell - founded on New Years Day, 1879 in Oxford, Blackwell is now one of the UK's top booksellers, with an unparalleled selection of academic, education and business titles. became the first transactional online bookstore in the UK in 1995, giving people across the world access to over 150,000 titles. There is a currently a sale on with big reductions: check out the offers section for amazing reductions. Health - features articles from qualified Dieticians working for the Nutrel Institute in Washington and London. Invaluable advice on improving your diet and losing weight. We loved the hard-hitting investigative reports which do not shy away from criticising multinational pharamaceutical companies - something similar sites are afraid of doing for fear of upsetting their advertisers.

Worldwide Literature Top Sites - chart of the best book-related websites with a bias towards poetry. It is updated regularly and features some fascinating aspiring authors' home pages. This toplist has been around since 1998 - an eon in internet time - and, managed as professionally as it is, will hopefully be around for many more years.

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